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A square painting on black corrugated plastic; a green botanical figure that looks like a sprig with leaves and other organic material surrounding it
Thomas Kovachevich
February 2 – March 8, 2020
A photograph of a grinder from a factory, seafoam green with oil stains on it, sitting in a desolate room with gray walls and one window
Lyndon Barrois Jr., Crystal Z. Campbell, Ranee Henderson, Ajay Kurian, Shawné Michaelain Holloway, Jiří Skála
A Field of Meaning December 13, 2019 – January 26, 2020
A geometric abstraction that becomes less saturated as you move from left to right; colors start cool at left (purple, green, blue) and shift to a warmer palate of yellow, orange, pink. Mostly triangles, columns of circles, and ovals.
Colter Jacobsen: BEGIN BEING
Art Basel Miami Beach, Positions Booth P8 Art fair December 4 – 8, 2019
A screenprint of the Kandalama Hotel's architectural plan in tones of green, brown, and white.
Channa Daswatte, Barbara Sansoni, Laki Senanayake, Ena de Silva, Dayanita Singh
Celebrating Geoffrey Bawa October 24 – November 24, 2019
An abstract image of clouds and a blue sky in benday dots
Kahlil Robert Irving
Black ICE September 8 – October 20, 2019
A black and white photograph of a white fedora and a wicker basket of leaves, with light dappling over the white table that they lay upon.
Summer Group Exhibition
June 28 – August 1, 2019
Video still from Late Heavy Bombardment featuring zombie figure in ripped and burned hazmat suit with partial skull face and glowing green eyes
Harry Dodge
User May 12 – June 23, 2019
Press Release by Alan Ruiz printed on 8 1/2 x 11 paper in black letter tray
A.K. Burns, Jason Hirata, Zoe Leonard, K.R.M. Mooney, Ulrike Müller, Carissa Rodriguez, Alan Ruiz
Overture March 31 – May 5, 2019
Drawing of Manhattan Fruit Exchange delivery truck on city street
Nicholas Buffon
Vehicles February 17 – March 24, 2019
Black and white photograph of a man seen from behind bent over and holding a towel around his waist
Hervé Guibert
January 6 – February 10, 2019
A digital collage of varied screenshots aggregated by the artist, including traditional ceramic pottery, Nike swoops, memes, and logos.
Kahlil Robert Irving: Divvy fair
Art Basel Miami Beach, Positions Booth P1 Art fair December 5 – 9, 2018
A painting on paper with yellow and black paint arranged in 8 columns. Each column alternates colors, and each column is made with a dry brush that we see expire. There are 4-5 strokes per column.
Ulrike Müller
Art Düsseldorf Art fair November 15 – 18, 2018
A hand holds a teak wood frame with a black and white photograph of a pothi, a knotted package made of fabric.
Dayanita Singh
POP-UP BOOKSHOP / MY OFFSET WORLD October 18 – December 16, 2018
A photograph of a black spot on a grass patch, with the silhouette of a person over it. The silhouette matches up so that the black spot is the silhouette's head.
Colter Jacobsen
Essays September 7 – October 14, 2018
An abstracted painting of a mountain with black ink, and a circle at top-right. Lines only.
Etel Adnan, Kahlil Robert Irving, Ulrike Müller
Art Athina 2018 Art fair June 20 – 24, 2018
96 copies of cockfighting magazine, laid out like an American flag based on the red, blue, and white colors of their covers.
Jason Simon
Imprint May 23 – July 13, 2018
Brightly colored abstract image of multi-colored painted swirls
James Hoff
In the Swim April 15 – May 20, 2018
Close-up photo of iris
Fia Backström
A Vaudeville on Mankind in Time and Space February 23 – April 8, 2018
An image from a newspaper that has elements of collage and paint over it. The image depicts animal-hybrids layered upon one another. There is an rabbit face, textured areas that resemble feathers or scales, an anteater head, and others.
Rokni Haerizadeh, Ulrike Müller
Material Art Fair, Booth A24 Art fair February 8 – 11, 2018
Color slide from 35mm film of repeated image of man in medical setting on a gurney with a bandaged leg and head being attended to by two individuals in white coats
Hervé Guibert, Luther Price
January 17 – February 18, 2018
Newspaper pages with acrylic paint
A.K. Burns: Weather Report
Art Basel Miami Beach, Position Booth P13 Art fair December 7 – 10, 2017
A semi-photorealistic painting of a naked woman kneeling on the ground, looking at a clear mask in her hands. She is looking at a grey wall, which projects her shadow. there is a black wall behind her, outlined in yellow/orange like a light is lit behind it.
Benjamin Kress
New Paintings November 3 – December 22, 2017
A sculpture of mixed stoneware. There are several serpentine tube shapes, silver lusters and seemingly molten elements that appear to drip over. At left is a shape that resembles a paint can with the works "I AM MIKE" written upon it.
Kahlil Robert Irving
Streets:Chains:Cocktails September 8 – October 29, 2017
A painting on canvas with a central red circle, and a darker circle beneath it, at right. The canvas is predominantly red, maroon, and black. There appears to be a faint horizon line but there are also tufts of other forms that could be clouds in the bottom half of the canvas.
CONDO: Mairead O'hEocha, Yuri Pattison, James Hoff, Benjamin Kress
with mother's tankstation limited, Dublin A collaborative exhibition June 29 – July 28, 2017
An excerpt from "The Poets' Encyclopedia," 1979
Etel Adnan, Cy Gavin, Kahlil Robert Irving, Silvia Kolbowski, Jumana Manna, Ulrike Müller
FRAME BY FRAME May 25 – July 25, 2017
A photograph of the cover of a book produced on the occasion of Frieze art fair for Thomas Kovachevich
Thomas Kovachevich
Frieze New York, Spotlight Booth A25 Art fair May 5 – 7, 2017
A plywood sculpture that is meant to look like a single carved line. The line describes a silhouette of a rectangle, which seems to have a rope strung and tied around the center.
Lee Relvas
Some Phrases April 13 – May 21, 2017
A painting on corrugated black plastic, framed in black. The image looks feathered, with blue and pink tendrils, and orange fuzzy ends to each extreme.
Thomas Kovachevich
NADA New York, Booth 4.14 Art fair March 2 – 5, 2017
A print made of copper on dibond. There are tall trees with minimal leaves, and a small stream running through the foreground.
James Hoff
The Armory Show, Presents Booth P21 Art fair March 2 – 5, 2017
A collage on paper that says "Fault Lines" at the top, superimposed over a cover of The New York Times. There is also a human centipede circle drawn with Keith Haring figures.
A.K. Burns
Fault Lines February 26 – April 9, 2017
Ulrike Müller
Art Basel Miami Beach, Positions Art fair December 1 – 4, 2016
A.K. Burns, Luther Price, Jason Simon
Art Basel Miami Beach, Film & Sound Art fair December 1 – 4, 2016
James Hoff
Utopia Landfill or Vacation in the Age of Sad Passion November 5 – December 23, 2016
Ulrike Müller
And Then Some September 15 – October 30, 2016
Sadie Benning
Green God April 28 – July 29, 2016
Dropout: Sadie Benning, A.K. Burns, Bracha L. Ettinger, Lee Lozano, Ulrike Müller, Lee Relvas
Curated by Photi Giovanis at Site 131, Dallas April 13 – June 4, 2016
Bracha L. Ettinger
March 24 – April 24, 2016
Thomas Kovachevich
Delancey January 17 – February 7, 2016
CONDO: Ramin Haerizadeh, Rokni Haerizadeh, Tamara Henderson, James Hoff, Thomas Kovachevich, Ulrike Müller, Hesam Rahmanian
Callicoon Fine Arts at RODEO London A collaborative exhibition January 16 – February 13, 2016
Ramin Haerizadeh, Rokni Haerizadeh, Hesam Rahmanian, James Hoff
NADA Miami Beach Art fair December 3 – 5, 2015
Jason Simon
Request Lines are Open November 8 – December 20, 2015
Sadie Benning
FIAC Art fair October 21 – 25, 2015
James Hoff
Frieze London Art fair October 13 – 17, 2015
Luther Price
The Dry Remains September 17 – October 31, 2015
Nicholas Buffon
ten drawings in the office July 1 – August 1, 2015
Jenny Monick & Thomas Kovachevich
June 24 – August 1, 2015
Ramin Haerizadeh, Rokni Haerizadeh, Hesam Rahmanian
I won't wait for grey hairs and worldly cares to soften my views April 12 – June 7, 2015
Kamau Amu Patton
March 1 – 29, 2015
Caroline Bergvall
DRIFT January 9 – February 15, 2015
James Hoff
Skywiper November 2 – December 21, 2014
Sadie Benning
Patterns September 14 – October 26, 2014
Nicholas Buffon
June 1 – 29, 2014
Hervé Guibert
May 29 – July 25, 2014
Thomas Kovachevich
2013 February 23 – March 30, 2014
Ulrike Müller
WEATHER January 12 – February 16, 2014
Jason Simon
November 10 – December 22, 2013
A.K. Burns
Ending with a Fugue September 15 – October 27, 2013
Nicholas Buffon, A.K. Burns, Tamar Halpern, Maria Petschnig, Luther Price
Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control June 28 – July 27, 2013
Moyra Davey, Hervé Guibert, Heinz Peter-Knes, Jason Simon, Danh Vo, Francesca Woodman, Rona Yefman
To The Friends Who Saved My Life May 19 – June 21, 2013
Sadie Benning
War Credits April 7 – May 12, 2013
Glen Fogel
I feel something unspoken between us February 24 – March 31, 2013
Sadie Benning, Thomas Kovachevich, Dona Nelson
January 13 – February 17, 2013
James Hoff
Milking the Flat Cow November 11, 2012 – January 6, 2013
Etel Adnan
September 12 – October 28, 2012
Luther Price
June 15 – July 27, 2012
Jason Simon
April 21 – June 10, 2012
A.K. Burns
pregnant patron penny pot March 3 – April 15, 2012
Nicholas Buffon
Applied Flesh January 27 – February 26, 2012
Benjamin Kress
Somebody, Anybody, Nobody December 9, 2011 – January 22, 2012
Thomas Kovachevich
Shadows and Other Paintings October 22 – December 4, 2011
Glen Fogel
Goldye September 7 – October 16, 2011
Nicholas Buffon
Time Trap performance at NADA Hudson July 30, 2011
Ajay Kurian
The Sheltering Sky July 16 – August 27, 2011
Nellie Bridge & Dave Miko
Horizon in Disguise May 28 – July 9, 2011
Carol Hepper
Strong Language April 16 – May 22, 2011
Trisha Baga
Horizontal Landscape Study, Maine April 16 – May 22, 2011
MGM Grant
Oneness:Making It With Love October 31 – December 5, 2010
Nicholas Buffon
Lily Pad Paintings September 4 – October 18, 2010
Ruby Sky Stiler
Special Project July 17 – August 28, 2010
Daniel Gordon
Thirty-One Days July 17 – August 28, 2010
Ben Berlow
June 5 – July 11, 2010
Margaret Lee
Hello, I'm on Vacation June 5, 2010
Mary Lucier
Summer, or Grief June 5 – July 11, 2010
Francis Cape & Paul Kennedy
April 17 – May 30, 2010
Judah Catalan, Rashawn Griffin, Jonathan Hartshorn, Diane Townsend
Elsewhereless November 29 – December 20, 2009
Anne-Katrin Ahrens, Olivia Berckemeyer, Sarah Bohn, André Butzer, Sibylla Dumke, Lisa Herfeldt, Marcel Hüppauff, Maja Körner, Steffen Krüger, Dennis Loesch, Andreas Neuner, Aribert von Ostrowski, Julia Pfaller, Katrin Plavcak, Hank Schmidt in der Beek, Gunna Schmidt, Rouven Schmitt, Philipp Schwalb, Daniela Trixl, Thomas Winkler, Ulrich Wulff
Alle Voglein Sind Schon Da, Alle Voglein, Alle: 20 German Artists October 31 – December 20, 2009
Glen Fogel
Call me and we can buy love together September 6 – October 24, 2009
Carol Hepper, Jennifer Reeves, Bobbie Oliver, Magaly Perez
All Suffering Soon to End July 18 – August 29, 2009
All Suffering Soon to End!
Inaugural group exhibition May 16 – July 11, 2009
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