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Nicholas Buffon

ten drawings in the office

Opening: Wednesday, July 1, 6–8pm

July 1 – August 1, 2015

A photograph of the partial wall in the back office of the gallery. There are three black and white drawings on the wall in a single row, framed in natural wood.
A photograph of the gallery around a corner. There are three black and white drawings on the left wall, and 3 color drawings on the right wall. All are framed in natural wood frames.
A photograph of four color drawings on a wall in the back office of the gallery. The contents are tough to specify from this distance.
A photograph of the back office of the gallery and a single row of drawings about the corner. On the left wall are 4 color drawings, on the right are 3 black and white drawings. All the drawings are framed in natural wood.
A photograph of a wall of the gallery in the back office, which shows 3 black and white drawings on a wall, and one color drawing at left in profile on the opposite wall. All are framed in natural wood.
A drawing of a figure rescuing a cat in the sewer. The sewer is green-blue, and appears to be filled with water. Above ground is depicted with a line of pavement, a construction cone, and a ladder that leads to the underground.
A colored pencil drawing of the artist in his room surrounded by stuffed animals and critters in many colors. There are 3 windows, plants, a dresser with open drawers, and a bed.
A photograph of a drawing of the artist sitting on the ground in a cartoonish style. The room is black except for a single light, and there are 2 windows in the room. Outside the windows it is sunny, with a cartoon sun smiling and clouds.
A photograph of a drawing of the artist sitting in a room with a fire pit between his legs and a menacing look on his face. There is a brick wall behind him with 3 windows. The room itself is filled with items on the ground (books, mask, cat, sock, bong, etc) and plants on a small table behind the figure.
A photograph of a black and white drawing. The background is mostly black except for a central area of gray, and a drawn frame that has white cross-hatching upon it. In the center are many small shapes outlined in white, mostly triangles but some more amorphous.
A black and white drawing that could be an abstract scene of the sea or of a spirit. It is mostly a black drawing except for several swirls of gray and white.
A framed black and white drawing. There are 8 circles upon the page, upon a mostly white background with gray splotches. There is a border on the right side that is mostly black with wisps of white emerging from the right. edge
A photograph of a black and white drawing. There is a dense center of overlapping black lines. There is also a loose border around the edge of the drawing made up of gray lines on a black ground.
A drawing of many circles, outlined in white, against a cloudy white background. There are small starbursts within some of the circles.
A drawing in black and white of many intersecting circles. The circles are all outlined in white, and the ground the drawing is black. There is a border around the central action of white with specks of black throughout.

Press Release

Callicoon Fine Arts is pleased to present ten new drawings in the office by Nicholas Buffon. These drawings were completed in the previous eight months in Seattle, WA. They feature favored motifs of past drawings: circles and pen-tip cleaning doodles; and a cartoon Buffon in various situations with his dog.

Nicholas Buffon, born in 1987 in Seattle, Washington, lives and works in New York. He attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University, Boston MA (BFA 2008) and the Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts, Bard College, Annandale-on Hudson, NY (MFA 2011). Buffon has had solo shows at Freddy, Baltimore, MD and Callicoon Fine Arts, NY. His work was included in Art on Paper 2010: The 41st Exhibition at the Weatherspoon Art Museum, Greensboro, NC, as well as in group exhibitions at The Hole, Foxy Production, Shoot The Lobster, all NY, and at QT Gallery, Chicago, among other galleries. He has performed many times since 2007 including at Mount Tremper Arts, NY, and at the 10th OPEN International Performance Festival in Beijing.

Callicoon Fine Arts is located at 49 Delancey Street between Forsyth and Eldridge Streets. Gallery hours are Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm. The nearest subway stops are the B and D trains at Grand Street and the F, J, M and Z trains at Delancey-Essex Street.

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